Meadow Creek Schooling Horse Trials

Any time there is a horse show it has to either be scorching hot, freezing cold, gale force winds, or rain.  This weekend it was rain...  Thankfully, if it is going to rain, Meadowcreek Park is the place to be.  Robbie Patterson has done a fantastic job with the footing at her place. Even with the 7+ inches of rain we've had over the past week, the ground was still good.  Saturday I had a dressage lesson with Lisa Bauman from Austin Eventing on Bailey and really worked on that elusive elastic connection.  I've found that old, ingrained hunter habits die slowly and painfully.  (Some day I will have a longer leg and more elastic elbows if it kills me!) Sunday it was Calvin's turn for his first HT.  We were entered in the Beginner Novice division. As soon as I tacked him up for dressage it started to drizzle, but in his typical fashion he was not phased.  His trot work was quite good and he really tried hard despite being distracted.  Between the rain and excitement of the show our canter work was pretty unorganized, but all-in-all I was so proud of him for keeping it together.  By the time we got to stadium it was really raining, but Calvin still wasn't bothered by it.  He was very bold and brave from the beginning.  No stops and no rails!  Then it was off to XC.  He continued to be bold and brave throughout the entire course and was clear other than time faults.  He and I will both have to learn how to really gallop before our next one!  And we can't wait for the next one!